Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 243


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This issue covers: Internal mobility guidelines, skill-based talent practices playbook, unlocking workforce capacity through ways of working, performance management, and organization network analysis (ONA).

  1. Does Your Organization’s Internal Mobility Guidelines and Policies Help or Hinder Internal Movement? Brian Heger | My new template to help organizations evaluate the impact of their internal mobility (IM) guidelines on internal talent movement.
  2. Skills-Based Internal Mobility Playbook The Business Roundtable Multiple Pathways Initiative | A 56-page playbook covering various aspects of skills-based talent practices, from the initial planning steps to opportunities and challenges related to technology.
  3. Unlocking Workforce Capacity by Improving Ways of Working Brian Heger My one-page worksheet that can help teams identify opportunities for eliminating lower-value work and improving team operations.
  4. 5 Signs Your One-on-Ones Aren’t Working Harvard Business Review Outlines 5 indicators of ineffective one-on-ones between managers and direct reports. Offers suggestions for improvement.
  5. Harnessing Organization Network Analysis (ONA): Measure Workforce Performance and Optimize Strategies Deloitte Blog Capital H | Shares how ONA can be used to understand aspects of organizational performance and productivity.

Also included are the Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!