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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect to receive Talent Edge Weekly?The newsletter is sent every Sunday, 6 PM (EST). Aside from the regular weekly issue, you will receive one "Best of the Month" issue that showcases the best newsletter content from that month's regularly published issues. The publication of the "best of" issue is usually on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday and will vary by month, depending on when the month ends.

What type of content is covered?For each weekly issue, I curate 5 main pieces of content related to topics about the world of work, the workplace, and the workforce. The content type ranges from articles, reports, white papers, and podcasts, to name a few. I summarize key points, provide my perspective, and include links to supplemental resources that relate to each piece of content. Simply put, I go beyond surface level information and try to provide you with value by simplifying complex ideas, saving you time in having to go through all of the source information, and sharing my insights and perspective on that topic as an internal HR practitioner. The newsletter also includes other information, such as a job cuts and layoff tracker. The "best of" issue is the same format, but includes more resources.

Where can I find previous issues of Talent Edge Weekly?You can access all archived issues here.