Talent Edge Weekly – The Best of June 2023 – Issue 184

HR Effectiveness Newsletter

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In this special “Best of June” edition of my Talent Edge Weekly newsletter, I have curated 15 of the most popular articles and resources from the June issues of Talent Edge Weekly.

These resources are divided into three categories:

  1. HR Effectiveness This section covers HR operating models, balancing HR cost savings and talent investments, and strengthening the strategic impact of the Chief HR Officer.
  2. Technology and AI. Here, you’ll find ChatGPT prompts for HR, a toolkit for the procurement of AI solutions in the private sector, and HR tech priorities for 2023.
  3. Talent Trends and Practices. This category covers a range of topics, including employee wellbeing, internal mobility, compensation strategies, “hidden workers,” succession planning, women in the workplace, people analytics, and skills.

Additionally, I have included the 2023 Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker and the Chief HR Officer Hire of the Month.

I hope you enjoy this collection of ideas and practices, and I look forward to sharing more valuable resources with you throughout July!