Talent Management: An Evolving Board Imperative | Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance

Talent Management

The board of directors (BofD) in many organizations has shown an increased interest in talent and workforce matters in recent years. This heightened attention stems from multiple factors, including investors’ growing emphasis on talent management as a competitive edge. Whether it involves understanding the impact of AI in the workplace, interpreting the implications of remote work policy on employee retention, or complying with SEC human capital disclosure requirements, various aspects of talent management hold higher stakes and risks, demanding the BofD guidance. This new article offers insights on how boards can enhance their oversight of talent management. Among the many resources is Appendix B, which includes 38 questions that BofD can pose to HR leaders concerning various facets of talent, such as succession planning, diversity, equity, inclusion, employee recruitment, retention, and workforce metrics. For example, one question related to recruitment is: What changes has the company made to expand its employee pipeline — for example, hiring nontraditional candidates? Even for organizations not governed by a BofD, these questions serve as a valuable resource for HR leaders to articulate their organization’s talent strategy to various stakeholders.