Talent Planning: How to Utilize Market Insights for Talent Acquisition Efficiency | Cielo and Josh Bersin

Talent Acquisition

This is the first resource of a six-part series from Cielo and Josh Bersin on how organizations should assess and transform their talent acquisition strategies to better meet the talent demands of today’s business context. This issue focuses on using market insights (i.e., research & data analysis, local market intelligence, and industry benchmarks) to guide hiring, sourcing, and recruitment as well as inform talent management and workforce planning. There are several useful components of this report, such as 1) seventeen strategic talent planning questions that factor in location, skills availability, compensation, etc. One good question: “Does this location have nearby universities with relevant academic programs that we could source to develop this skill?” Questions like these can help to test talent assumptions and answer questions on whether to Buy, Build, Borrow, Bot. It also includes 2) roles and responsibilities for internal teams that gather and use talent info, 3) examples of available data sources in addition to notes on costs and expertise requirements, 4) 7 best practices for implementing data-driven insights into a TA process. A good resource that can help shape and inform components of an organization’s talent strategy.

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