Teamwork Reinvented: How to Orchestrate Successful Teams in the New World of Work | MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte

Leadership & Culture

Many leaders continue to find ways to drive collaboration and teamwork across their organizations. This Winter issue of MIT Sloan Management Review— which Deloitte sponsors— includes five articles focused on teams. Topics range from organizing project teams, fostering collaboration in hybrid work arrangements, and supporting employees through periods of high uncertainty. Page 9 provides a chart showing six themes that reflect employees’ reported needs and ways managers could provide support in times of uncertainty. Each theme includes a few evidence-based strategies that managers can use to address employees’ needs. For example, the top two themes mentioned by surveyed employees when asked, “What is one thing your supervisor could do (or do more of) to help alleviate the uncertainty that arose from the pandemic?,“ were:  Information: 38% requested more information on a specific topic, such as the likelihood of layoffs, return-to office plans, and performance expectations. Support: 35% requested general support, including job assurance, care for health and safety, career support, and empathy. Other ideas are discussed.