Telling the Human Capital Management Story: Toward a Strategic Competitive Advantage | The Conference Board

Talent Management

Many organizational stakeholders — such as investors, current and prospective employees, customers, and strategic partners—want to understand how their respective organizations manage human capital (HC). But as pointed out in this 20-page report by The Conference Board, each stakeholder group is likely to be more interested in certain parts of an organization’s HC narrative. For example, employees and candidates seek information about the effectiveness of policies and programs on issues of personal and collective importance to employees, such as workplace culture, pay equity, and business ethics. Customers are looking for evidence of commitments to and progress against labor conditions, pay equity, DEI/ LGBTQ+ experience, and progress toward related ESG matters, such as fair pay and working conditions in the firm and throughout its supply chain. As CHROs and their teams help their organizations tailor their HC narrative to key audiences while still drawing from a single source of truth, this report provides ideas. Page 19 shows a visual of seven stakeholder groups and the parts of the HC narrative in which they are most likely interested.