The 21 Metrics You Need for Strategic Workforce Development (Workforce Planning) | AIHR

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I continue to get requests to share resources that I come across on various workforce metrics. This article provides a list of metrics that are useful for Strategic Workforce Development (SWD)–otherwise known as workforce planning. And while the 21 metrics aren’t all-inclusive, it provides a solid list. The article states that once an organization develops its multi-year business strategy, it is useful to understand (metrics and insights) about workforce segments that disproportionately enable that strategy. These metrics range from Internal Mobility Rate (number of people that move in and out of the target group from or to the organization) to Yearly Count of Failed Hires (number of new recruits who leave the organization within a year). For each of the 21 metrics, a definition is included as well as a statement on why the metric is important. Which of these metrics does your organization currently capture? What are other metrics that you would add, particularly given the many ways in which work, the workplace, and workforce are changing?

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