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A recent 40-page BCG report— which segmented 32 HR priorities by current capabilities and future importance—found that strategic workforce planning (SWP) is among the top three most urgent areas to act. Simultaneously, PwC’s 2021 CEO Priority study emphasizes how CEOs believe adopting different technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), will significantly affect how work gets done. The convergence of SWP and AI priorities spotlights the “Bot” component of SWP strategies, where aspects of work can be executed and /or supported via AI. Despite AI’s promise, it’s challenging to determine where and how to deploy AI as part of SWP solutions. This newly released 47-page report by Deloitte’s AI Institute examines the most compelling business use cases for AI across six major industries, including consumer; energy, resources and industrial; financial services; government and public services; life sciences and health care; and technology, media, and telecommunications. Firms can use this reference to identify opportunities for how AI (e.g., Bot) fits into their broader workforce planning solutions (e.g., Build, Buy, Borrow, etc.).

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