The C-suite’s Role in Workforce Wellbeing | Deloitte Insights

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Wellbeing at work is considered a top priority for many organizations. However, despite investments in employee wellbeing (EWB), many organizations have yet to make meaningful progress in this critical area. This lack of progress is being felt by employees at all levels, including nearly 70% of executives surveyed by Deloitte, who say they are seriously considering quitting for a job that better supports their wellbeing. And while executives share sentiments with the rest of the workforce regarding the lack of progress in EWB, the survey shows that executives significantly overestimate how well their employees are doing and how supported they feel by their leaders. This article shares ideas on how executives can improve workplace wellness by first developing a more accurate understanding of the wellbeing needs of their workers  In case you missed it, check out the Mckinsey Health Institute’s article, Addressing Employee Burnout: Are You Solving the Right Problem? The article covers how many efforts around wellness and wellbeing fail to address the organizational causes of burnout—one factor that undermines wellness. The authors offer eight targeted questions that leaders can use to help identify systemic causes of burnout in their organizations.