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Talent Management

Every year, we see publications that share survey results on CEOs’ collective priorities and concerns for that given year. And each year, talent is among the top priorities. However, the interest in talent and talent strategy has been amplified, particularly given the events of the pandemic and the implications they have for talent management in the years to come. Boards are taking a greater interest in talent and workforce strategy and, simultaneously, SEC human capital disclosure rules place more accountability for publicly traded companies governed by the SEC to share aspects of their human capital measures and outcomes. Given the breadth and depth of various talent practices and initiatives, this article by Marc Effron helps HR leaders integrate this multi-dimensional topic into a holistic framework, showing how all the components fit together. The framework allows CHROs to effectively explain how what they and their teams are doing answers three talent questions that the CEO cares about most. 1)What capabilities do we need to win? 2) How will we get a deep bench of high-performing talent? 3) What’s the three-year plan to win through talent? For each question, Marc provides a narrative for how HR leaders can answer these questions—connecting all HR practices and initiatives to these question areas. A great reference for CHROs and their teams.

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