The Chief People Officer of the Future | Adecco Group and Center for Leadership in the Future of Work

HR Effectiveness

This paper explores the opinions of 122 global executives in human resources on how the Chief People Officer (CPO) role continues to shift. Together, they are responsible for over 3 million employees in various sectors, from finance to retail to aerospace. These CPOs mainly see their roles transforming in three key areas. 1) using data and technology while remaining attuned to fundamental human concerns; 2) addressing employees’ emotions and wellbeing at work; 3) and attracting skilled employees from more diverse backgrounds. These HR leaders cite two primary areas where they expect to spend more time: 1) engaging with data; 2) driving organizational change and culture. When asked about tactics to recruit talented workers, especially from diverse groups, these CPOs mention returnships as one viable practice. These returnships make it easier for workers — who took a career break for childcare or other personal reasons—to return to the workplace without the stigma that often comes with a break in one’s career. As a side note, it would be interesting to see how CPO views about their role align with the expectations their CEOs have of the role; as noted in the Chief Executive article, The CEO-CHRO Partnership, there can sometimes be a disconnect between the CEO and CHRO on the areas of the CHRO role that add the most value.


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