The CHRO’s Talent Plan for the Recovery | Marc Effron

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Just as times of financial crisis place the CFO role in the spotlight, times of human crisis–like the coronavirus pandemic– raises the profile of the CHRO. Since the start of the pandemic, CHROs and their teams have continued to work tirelessly to support their organizations and workforces during multiple phases of this crisis. While a great deal of focus thus far has been on ensuring the safety of workers, enabling remote work at scale, and coaching leaders, to name a few, CHROs are also developing and executing strategies to accelerate their organizations through the recovery phase. This article by Marc Effron nicely summarizes 4 tips for doing so. 1) Focus everyone on their few, big, aligned goals. Now is the time to reevaluate and reset goals and priorities on the vital few. 2) Fill your critical roles with 90th percentile talent. Remember, the criticality of a role has nothing to do with the person who occupies it but rather the role’s impact on accelerating organizational performance during this time. 3) Identify three performance-differentiating behaviors that drive performance. If your organization has a competency model and/or leadership model that have a litany of generic behavioral attributes, now is an opportune time to reinforce the top three behaviors that will drive high performance during this period 4) Make leaders actively manage performance, where they set very clear goals and shorten the performance cycle. By shortening the performance cycle, leaders can have more regular check-ins with employees to understand their progress towards goals and help them make adjustments in “real-time,” if needed.

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