The CHRO’s Team: What Matters Most | Marc Effron and Jim Shanley

HR Effectiveness

By many measures, including those associated with the current pandemic, CHRO’s have elevated the importance and impact of their role over the past several years. And as pointed out in this article, “CHROs must now rely less on their personal strength and more on their ability to build high-quality teams to sustain their progress.” Simultaneously, it is interesting to observe that 47 percent of CEOs replaced their CHROs with external candidates in 2019, an upward trend from 2018 according to the CHRO Trend Report. This trend suggests that CHROs have an opportunity to elevate the quality of their team. This article offers five questions that CHROs can ask when determining if they have an all-star HR team, including: Does the executive team trust your direct reports with their corporate lives?  It also submits that three factors differentiate the members of a high-performing CHRO team: 1) A High Performer’s Mindset 2) Capability Built through Experiences 3) Executive Advisor and Influencer. I encourage CHROs to read this article and then incorporate their perspective into development discussions with their teams, and/or make the required talent changes as needed. HR leadership teams can also evaluate themselves against the three criteria and chart a path forward for their own development.

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