The Datafication of HR: How You Can Make Better People Decisions | Visier

People Analytics

As HR organizations continue to capture and have access to large amounts of people and business data, there are many opportunities to use data and analytics to gain strategic insights that inform decision-making. This guide explains how HR organizations can expand their HR metrics to include strategic data and analytics in recruiting effectiveness, learning, employee performance, talent employee retention, total rewards, HR effectiveness, and diversity and inclusion. For example, a commonly used metric in understanding employee retention is turnover rate. And while knowing turnover rate is useful, by itself, it does little to support strategic decisions and actions. To gain more actionable insights, organizations can predict employee turnover risk based on an analysis of turnover drivers associated with employees who have departed from an organization. Such an analysis, for example, can help organizations take action to reduce turnover risk in critical employee segments. Or, in Learning, metrics such as “learner satisfaction” and “cost of training” are often used; still, they do not tell us how to improve the efficiency of learning organizations and their impact on business results. To achieve better insight, an organization can use data to understand which training programs and initiatives are best at getting new hires onboarded and productive the quickest. Other examples are provided across a range of HR-related areas.

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