The Definitive Guide: Employee Experience | Josh Bersin Academy

Talent Management

As work and the workplace continue to be redefined, various implications exist for the employee experience (EX). This 116-page report—commissioned by Microsoft and prepared by Josh Bersin Academy—highlights EX trends, best practices, supporting technologies, and EX maturity across industry sectors. It is based on a survey of business and HR professionals representing 981 companies. A few illustrations and points mentioned throughout the report include: 1) Page 7 includes an EX framework of six elements of the EX, ranging from meaningful work to trust in the organization2) Page 28 has a four-level EX maturity model. Level 1 (Transactional Efficiency) represents 32 percent of surveyed firms and is driven by EX practices that are tactical and transactional–where employees are seen as a replaceable commodity and a cost factor.  3) Page 32 includes the EX practices that disproportionately impact business, employees, and innovation. 4) Page 53 shows the top 15 essential EX practices. For example, practice #1—fostering a culture of integrity and helping others— is mainly driven through demonstrating empathy and transparency. Other ideas are discussed.

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