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Last week, I posted how firms continue to express concerns about their ability to attract and hire the right talent. A few tactics I shared to address this issue include: a) expanding selection criteria to identify hidden talent, b) activating the internal talent marketplace to deploy internal talent quickly—where and when needed, and c) simplifying the application process to reduce candidate drop-out rate because of lengthy and complex application procedures. In that post, I shared an 18-page Gartner paper, Advancing Recruiting’s Value Through Uncertain Times: Shaping the Workforce, that builds on some of these tactics. As talent acquisition teams strive to attract and hire the best talent, this new 10-page executive summary paper by The Josh Bersin Company provides five recommendations. Recommendation #3 is “It’s time to get serious about internal mobility.” According to the paper, only a quarter of companies are proficient at internal mobility—presenting an untapped opportunity. The paper also includes a few useful visuals, such as a Talent Acquisition Framework in Figure 2 on page 3. The framework comprises seven major elements (made up of 24 dimensions), each contributing to hiring success differently (e.g., governance and operations, trusted employer brand, technology). Figure 3 on page 5 shows the top ten recruiter skills for the future. It notes how many firms are rethinking the roles of recruiters by favoring more human-centered capabilities like empathy, business acumen, and adaptability over traditional skills, such as pitching the firm’s employee value proposition. Other ideas are discussed. The full report is available to members of The Josh Bersin Company. 

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