The Digital-Ready Workplace: Supercharging Digital Teams in the Future of Work | Deloitte Insights

Workforce Trends

Work today is increasingly taking place in a digital rather than physical space. And as noted in this in-depth article (20-minute read), working in a digital space creates challenges for organizations—mainly because “practices that drive productivity in the physical workplace may not work in the digital one.” To overcome these challenges and take advantage of the benefits a digital workplace offers, this article notes that three attributes enable a digital team to provide positive outcomes: 1) psychological safety 2) digital competence 3) management support for experimentation and flexibility. Figure 1 shows how each of these three attributes can lead to positive outcomes. For example, psychological safety—which refers to an individual’s or group’s perceptions of the consequences of risk-taking—can enable teams to develop new digital practices that facilitate effective ways of working together. Firms can use this 3-pronged framework to encourage and support the demonstration of attributes that fuel productivity in digital workplaces.

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