The Elevated Talent and Culture Agenda in the Boardroom | Deloitte

HR Effectiveness

Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) continue to engage with the board of directors on various workplace and workforce topics. To understand which issues are shaping these conversations, this article captures insights from 15 CHROs at leading organizations. One excerpt includes: ESG. A CHRO of a global food manufacturer said, “we’ve become more intentional in terms of corporate direction and strategic direction across our ESG metrics. We aligned with the board about the measures and targets for the next five years. In some cases, we’ve aligned 30 to 40 percent of senior leaders’ pay to achieving ESG targets.” Other examples are provided. In case you missed it, I am resharing this PDF, 18 Questions Chief Human Resources and Their Teams Might Be Asked About Talent. The PDF includes a few questions the board may want to know related to overall talent strategy, succession planning, and diversity and inclusion. Two example questions include: What are our most critical talent risks, and what are we doing to mitigate these risks? Do we have a workforce plan forecasting our talent needs now and in the next few years? CHROs can reference both documents for ideas on workplace and workforce topics to cover with their board.