The Flipside of ‘Flexibility’: Working Moms Make the Powerful Case for Going Back to The Office | Fast Company

Workforce Trends

Before the pandemic, many workers who could work remotely (or from home) saw this work arrangement as a benefit. This sentiment has been especially true for many working mothers, who manage both work and childcare disproportionately (see report from and use remote work to handle the demands of work and childcare better. But as noted in this article, many working mothers who have been working remotely since the start of the pandemic are ready to get back to the office. This 12-minute read includes quotes from working moms, reflecting the challenges they have faced over the past year, including burnout, increased stress, and “loss of identity.” Although this article’s title may signal that all/most working mothers want to come back to the office, it is essential to note that this sentiment will vary depending on individual preference and circumstance. As pointed out in the article, one best practice is for “employees and managers to decide together what sort of in-office schedule works for them, and there is no across-the-board policy requiring in-person or remote work, or how many days are required in the office.” 

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