The Future of Recruiting 2023 Report | LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Talent Acquisition

As the recruiting and hiring landscape continue to shift, this 29-page report shares 17 predictions that will influence talent acquisition practices. The insights are based on interviews with global talent leaders, surveys of thousands of recruiters, and analysis of billions of data points generated on LinkedIn. The report is broken into five sections, including 1) The Role of recruiting (e.g., recruiting will have more influence over what candidates get paid; Generative AI will help recruiters complete time-consuming tasks, such as job descriptions and personalizing messages to candidates). 2) Economic uncertainty (e.g., employers will hire more contract workers to hedge against uncertainty). 3) Employer branding (e.g., companies will keep a closer eye on what candidates want most, forcing recruiters to recalibrate their pitches to candidates). 4) Skills-first hiring  (e.g., employers will continue to embrace skills-first hiring — valuing a candidate’s skills over more superficial signals like an impressive alma mater or previous employer). 5) Internal mobility and upskilling (e.g., business leaders will increasingly recognize the value of filling open roles with internal talent; this will force firms to understand their workers’ skills better; firms that get this right will shine a light on overlooked and “hidden” talent). Other implications are discussed for each of the five areas. For an additional resource on generative AI applications across various HR areas, check out this previously shared article by Josh Bersin.