The Future of Recruiting 2024 | LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Talent Acquisition

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This new LinkedIn report delves into six predictions shaping recruiting and talent acquisition in 2024 and beyond. Informed by insights from thousands of recruiting professionals, talent leaders, and vast LinkedIn data, these predictions span various themes, including AI in recruitment, skill-based hiring, and the growing focus on quality of hire (QoH)currently ranking as the top priority objective for recruiting professionals in 2024. However, due to the historical challenge of tracking and measuring QoH, recruiting teams are redefining QoH metrics by considering factors such as job performance, team fit, culture alignment, productivity, and retention. One observation I have regarding these metrics is that a few of them rely heavily on hiring managers’ perceptions and assessments, primarily focused on the near-term aspect of an incumbent’s current role. Considering the swiftly changing skills landscape and organizations’ heightened focus on long-term internal mobility and talent movement, I suggest also incorporating longer-term QoH measures. These could include evaluating an employee’s potential for assuming future roles and work opportunities within the organization and developing skills critical to the organization’s future. Embracing this longer-term perspective on QoH will necessitate looking beyond hiring managers’ viewpoints and integrating diverse sources of talent data throughout an employee’s tenure. How does your organization plan to measure QoH in 2024 and beyond?