The Future of Work 2021 Global Hiring Outlook | Monster

Talent Acquisition

This report by Monster is based on sentiments from both recruiters and candidates across the globe on various topics ranging from 2021 hiring outlook, virtual recruiting, and navigating the skills gap. While the survey was conducted in Q42020, the results provide helpful insights as firms continue to adjust their hiring approaches, tools, and methods to reflect a new world of work. Among the various findings are that 87 percent of employers say they struggle to fill positions because of the skills gap, particularly in the finance and technology sectors. Concerning virtual recruiting, candidates are struggling (Gen Z in particular) to assess company culture and job fit through virtual hiring. Employers also report giving candidates more “leeway” with job-hopping and/or gaps in employment history—signaling that these traditional stigmas may recede. Regarding candidate communication tools, phone and email remain the most effective communication tools for recruiting; however, text-based communication is more prevalent with finance/banking and blue-collar recruiters. Other ideas are discussed and here is also Monster’s 55-minute webinar on the report.

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