The Future of Work After COVID‑19 | McKinsey Global Institute

Workforce Trends

This 32-page executive summary report examines the long-term impact of COVID-19 trends across several work areas and eight economies that account for almost half the global population and 62 percent of GDP. As one example of this report’s many insights, page 6 shows an illustration of the prevalence and usage of three groups of trends before, during, and after the pandemic. The three trend groups are 1) shift to remote work and virtual interactions, 2)  the surge in the use of e-commerce and other digital platforms, and 3) the deployment of automation and AI. The report offers supporting reasons for why each trend group will or will not endure in a post-pandemic world. For example, while the work-from-home (remote work) trend has spiked during the pandemic, it will decline in a post-pandemic environment. Still, remote work usage in a post-pandemic context will be higher than pre-pandemic levels due to workers desiring more flexibility and firms exploring cost savings. At the same time, this trend is mitigated because certain work is more effective (or required) in-person or at a physical company location. I point out this particular page since it serves as a useful way for firms to illustrate and think through the various trends impacting their business and how they will respond. Several other ideas on multiple related topics are provided.

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