The Future of Work in Technology | Deloitte Insights

HR Technology

Topics such as the future of work and digital HR have been among the top priorities for many organizations well before the coronavirus. However, these topics have become even more acute during the past months and will endure once this pandemic is behind us. As many organizations are currently evaluating and making decisions about technology within the context of the future of work, it is important that they do so by taking a holistic approach that will enable better decisions in this area. This article by Deloitte provides one framework for evaluating technology needs through three interrelated dimensions: 1) Work – as we look at work activities that need to be performed, where are there opportunities to automate work or enable it through AI? 2) Workforce – given new talent platforms and required skills, how do we leverage the continuum of talent from full-time workers, contractors, gig workers, etc.? 3) Workplace – how are workplace and work practices (e.g., evolving from location-centric to relationship-oriented) reshaping where and how work gets done? Organizations can use these three components to answer these and similar questions. Once they formulate answers, organizations can evaluate their current technology against these needs and determine and prioritize potential investments. By looking at these three areas holistically, it enables organizations to “zoom-out” and make more informed decisions rather than reacting quickly to only one component.


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