The Future of Work is Here | Deloitte Liberty Global Policy Series

Workforce Trends

This Deloitte report draws on interviews with 26 business leaders, policy-makers, and researchers on how work, workers, and the workforce are changing and how firms can adapt. There are a few chapters and themes throughout the report, including one (page 15-19) on how the physical workplace will serve a new role. It submits that the office will no longer be a default place of work for everyone but will be reimagined as places for innovation, co-creation, social engagement, teaming, and celebration. While many firms have reported high worker productivity during the past year of remote work (RW) at scale, worker sentiment suggests fatigue and frustration by RW and a diminished sense of belonging and purpose. The chapter provides ideas on unlocking the benefits of in-person interaction (e.g., collaborative space to exchange ideas and spark innovation that drives a competitive edge) and remote work (e.g., reduced commuting time, less traffic and congestion, and a better work-life balance for workers). Other topics are discussed, such as how firms will increasingly employ people with capabilities that technology can’t easily replicate.

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