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As the pandemic continues to reshape how organizations prepare for the future of work, many firms are reevaluating traditional learning methods. And as noted in this article, many of these conventional and “passive methods of learning—from seminars to videos, from role-playing to all-day group training sessions—tend to be slow, don’t scale well, pull workers away from their jobs for hours or days, don’t always have a clear ROI or metrics for success, and often require travel.” Instead, organizations can benefit from more agile ways of training in a business climate that continues to change at an accelerated pace. This article provides an overview of Immersive Learning (IL), founded in virtual reality (VR). IR re-creates in VR the day-to-day challenges workers encounter on the job, letting them practice what to do and say in a safe, realistic simulation. One practical application of this technology is in “soft skills” training, where it captures metrics such as verbal analytics about what learners said and how it affected the scenario’s outcome. Organizations can begin to experiment with IL and integrate it with other learning experiences and modalities to maximize learning impact. For more information on VR’s benefits in soft skills training, check out PwC ’s study The Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Soft Skills Training in the Enterprise.

One thought on “The Future of Work Is Immersive Learning | HBR Analytics Services and STRIVR

  1. Read this is really crazy for me, because a few years ago I had that idea about the implementation of VR for training and development of the work force. It’s clear that I can’t finance this type of programs, but it is very good for me read that this is a reallity right now or will be in a masive way, soon.

    I really think that the advanced technology of this type will be an excellent complement to develop our talents.

    Sorry for my english, I’m from Argentina, I’ll improve my english soon, I’m working on that.

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