Future of Work: Lessons In Job Architecture, Career Management | Josh Bersin

Talent Development

Given the hyper-competitive job market, many organizations attempt to leverage internal mobility (IM) as a core talent management strategy for meeting talent needs. IM involves the movement of employees to new opportunities within the same company and can include new roles, projects, job shadowing to name a few. But as Josh Bersin points out, IM (especially in larger organizations) can be challenging. These challenges range from 1) salaries and job levels that prevent people from moving without a promotion 2) cumbersome job models that make career planning difficult, 3) managers who hoard talent 4) organizations not being aware of the skills and interests of their employees, to 5) lack of tools or technology for matching employees interests to opportunities. This article provides suggestions for overcoming these hurdles, including technology. And, while technology is a big lever for addressing this challenge, it first requires an organizational culture where people at all levels are encouraged–and even expected–to seek and support internal development. I like the quote: “careers are employee-owned and manager enabled”-which speaks to this aspect of culture. It will be exciting to see all of the innovation that happens in these areas.

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