The Great Resignation: Employers Drove Workers to Quit | BBC Worklife

Talent Management

Much has been written about “The Great Resignation” – a phrase coined by Anthony Klotz, to describe how many people will continue to leave their jobs. Behind this prediction is that many workers reassessed what they want from their personal and work lives during the pandemic. And while various reasons exist for why people are quitting their jobs, this article emphasizes one: workers are making decisions to leave based on how their employers treated them—or didn’t treat them — during the pandemic. Said differently, workers’ decision to stay with a firm is highly determined by whether they felt supported during the pandemic. This element of “care” and “support” is reflected in a post I made based on a Gartner report, CHRO Guide: Reinvent Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for a Post-pandemic Workforce. The report notes that firms must offer an EVP that generates five feelings amongst employees, making them feel treated as people, not workers. As noted by Leigh Branham in his book, The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave“Employee turnover is not an event — it is a process of disengagement that can take days, weeks, months or even years until the actual decision to leave occurs.”

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