The Hidden Value of Culture Makers | Accenture

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While leaders say that they recognize the importance of culture, a report by Accenture shows that most of them are not prioritizing it. Only 21% of leaders identified culture as one of their top 5 priorities. They say, limiting their organizations’ progress in this area is: 1) not all of their organization’s leaders believe it’s important, 2) it’s hard to link to business performance, 3) they have other priorities as a business, 4) it’s too hard to measure. Given this, it’s not a surprise that employees report no progress over the past 3 years in leaders building more inclusive cultures. However, a small group of leaders called Culture Makers (CMs) —are ahead of the curve. These leaders: a) SAY: building a more inclusive culture is an organizational priority, b) DO: recognize the importance of culture and identify change as a personal goal, c) DRIVE: reward their people for building a more inclusive culture. CMs lead organizations that are growing more than twice as fast as those of their peers and report their sales are 2.2x higher and their profits are 3.2x higher. Since CMs represent only 6% of leaders in the survey, there is a significant opportunity to attract, hire, develop, and reward CMs within organizations.

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