The HR Practitioner of The Future – 6 Themes | Dave Millner

HR Effectiveness

Few functions were more in the spotlight in 2020 than HR. And as HR organizations get ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, many are gearing up to meet their roles’ demands. This article identifies six key themes that are central to the HR function of the future. For each theme, a set of requirements are provided. The six themes include: 1) Technology Integrator, 2) Talent Practices Enabler, 3) Educator and Coach, 4) Culture and Employee Experience Facilitator, 5) Design and Productivity Architect, 6) Data and Analytics Translator. Each of the themes is important and there are two that are likely to require the most significant shift for HR practitioners, in general: technology integrator and data and analytics translator. The increased reliance on these capabilities in driving all aspects of HR-business decisions, practices, and processes will require HR practitioners (not just those in HR IT or people analytics) to become more conversant in these areas. The six-component framework can be used by individual HR practitioners, teams, and functions to evaluate themselves against the criteria and chart a path forward for development.

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