The HRXPerience Score: Measuring the Performance and Impact of HR Through the Employee Experience | ADP Research Institute

HR Effectiveness

By most accounts, the employee experience (EX) is a priority for many organizations. And given the multitude of HR-related practices that reach employees, it raises the question: to what extent does HR experience impact overall EX and other important outcomes? This 60-page report shares research findings from a 25-country study of over 32,000 respondents on how employees experience HR. As shown on page 13, this model comprises five aspects of this experience, with three items or statements to measure each experience. For example, the first three questions of this 15-question HRXPS measure employees’ perception of HR meeting their basic needs (e.g., The communication I receive from HR is always easy to understand). Page 18 shows the impact of HRXPS scores on employee behaviors. The most substantial relationships are in three behaviors. 1) Likelihood to Promote the Organization’s Talent Brand, 2) Intent to Leave and Active Job Search 3) Actual Voluntary Terminations. Does your organization have an overall measure of HR experience? With HR organizations firming up their priorities for 2022 and beyond, an index similar to this one can help pinpoint what strategic and tactical actions the HR function can take to enhance the employee experience.

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