The Jobs the Pandemic May Devastate | The New York Times

Workforce Trends

This article highlights a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) assessment on which jobs will grow and decline in the next decade. The long-term projections (which come with risks and can be wrong) assume a) more remote work and higher demand for relevant technology services; b) less in-person entertainment and travel; and c) more public health investment than would have happened without the pandemic. The largest increase in demand among nearly 800 detailed occupations is epidemiologists (those who collect and analyze data to investigate health issues and determine who is at the highest risk for a particular disease)–with a 25 percent increase by 2029. A similar trend holds for other health-science jobs and the technology field. The sectors facing additional job loss because of the pandemic are low-wage sectors and people with a high school diploma or less. The article includes a few charts with different data points. Besides sharing the data insights, I believe this topic can prompt firms to generate workforce planning projections for various scenarios that may unfold within their industry and business environment.   

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