The Moments That Matter for Culture in the Hybrid World | Gartner

Leadership & Culture

As organizations continue to navigate from predominantly in-person work to hybrid or remote work, a segment of leaders remains skeptical about these work arrangements. According to a Conference Board report on 2022 CEO and C-Suite priorities, 46 percent of surveyed CEOs expect that hybrid work models will decrease the strength of their organizational cultureOne of the main reasons cited for this skepticism is the belief that hybrid work and remote work will erode aspects of organizational culture that have taken years to build. Many are also concerned that it will make workers feel less connected to each other and the organization. As leaders strive to foster feelings of “connectedness” in their organizations with reduced in-person interactions, this Gartner article points out 5 moments in the hybrid and remote workplace when employees feel the strongest cultural connection: 1) peer recognition, 2) performance review feedback, 3) manager support during difficult experiences, 4) celebration of successful work outcomes, and 5) leaders talking about organizational purpose. The article covers how these moments can be fostered to create a culture of connectedness, regardless of location.