The Most Pressing People Questions Facing Companies Today | Harvard Business Review

Workforce Trends

The ongoing pandemic has led firms to focus on the most urgent issues–ranging from employee health and safety, protecting the corporate culture, and ensuring that their companies are running efficiently. And as noted in this article, organizations also need to think through and answer at least five in-depth questions to emerge from the pandemic stronger while minimizing future risks. 1) How do you balance your human workforce with automation? 2) What are your plans for remote work? 3) How are you helping ensure employee mental health? 4) How are you engaging your stakeholders? 5) Are you pursuing a purpose that supports society? Concerning #1–balancing the human workforce with automation--the article offers a set of questions that firms can use as they determine how work, the workforce, and structure may need to change as a result of increased automation, including: what is the workforce’s ideal size and how much capital should the company commit to sustaining it? Which operations and roles will no longer be needed? Which emerging areas and roles should the company be investing in? Which metrics can management track to gauge a smooth transition to a more automated workforce? What investments should they make to reskill and attract the workforce of the future?  The article provides thought-provoking ideas and questions that will enable firms to better prepare for a post-pandemic business environment.

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