The New Frontier, Artificial Intelligence at Work | All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Future of Work

HR Technology

I recently shared a 59-page toolkit developed by World Economic Forum and that provides ideas to promote the responsible use of HR-based artificial intelligence (AI) tools. And as interest in the use of AI to manage talent more effectively, fairly, and efficiently increases, HR leaders and their teams must be prepared to answer various questions about AI use in HR, ranging from data privacy to bias. In this 32-page report, the authors look at the risks of using AI in people processes and how HR can audit its use in their organizations. One of the broader suggestions they make is for government to introduce an Accountability for Algorithms Act (AAA)–which would establish a new, cross-sector, principles-driven regulatory framework to promote strong governance and evaluation of AI risks on workers. Other recommendations are provided. As a bonus article, I am resharing a post that addresses the notion of Explainable and Transparent AI—where the methods or techniques AI platform providers use to arrive at conclusions can be easily explained and understood; in that regard, the authors provide ten starter questions that HR practitioners can ask AI-providers.

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