The New Learning Environment | Gartner November 2022 HR Leaders Monthly

Talent Development

This 42-page issue of Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly includes six articles dedicated to the opportunities and challenges facing the learning and development (L&D) function. And while this issue is focused primarily on L&D, all HR practitioners can benefit from the content as it covers areas related to the talent ecosystem—ranging from skill-building to career development. Sample articles include: 1) The Changing Role of Learning and Development, 2) Five Agile Learning Principles to Improve Leadership Development, and 3) Developing Skills for the Hybrid World. Regarding #2 (agile learning for leadership development), Table 2 on page 16 covers six attributes that help managers identify high-impact experiential on-the-job-learning. Two of these attributes include: Change and Adversity (e.g., leaders should be involved in turbulent situations to build flexibility and adaptiveness) and Making Difficult Decisions (e.g., leaders should engage in decision-making activities where the cost of making mistakes forces deliberate reflection). As a bonus, I am resharing my article, Identifying Leadership Capabilities That Drive Business Performance. While I wrote the article in 2016, the approach still applies to informing aspects of leadership development. Also, since Gartner has many practical and high-quality tools and resources, you can check out their Gartner for HR website here.