The New Possible: How HR Can Help Build the Organization of the Future | McKinsey

HR Effectiveness

This in-depth article (about a 14-minute read) underscores how CHROs can continue to meet the need for a more dynamic talent and work model by rethinking processes in three fundamental areas: 1) Identity: being clear about why the organization exists, what it does and how it runs. 2) Agility: flattening the organization with teams that make fast decisions and treat people as the “scarcer capital.” and 3) Scalability: How the organization grows by scaling up its ability to out-learn others and innovate to drive value creation. Within these three areas, the article provides nine imperatives that can accelerate change. It offers questions for CHROs and their teams to answer on how they can strengthen each of the three areas. Examples include Identity: How can we develop an energizing sense of purpose that has a tangible impact on our strategic choices and ways of working? AgilityCan we enable more effective decision-making by pushing decisions to the organization’s edges, creating psychological safety that empowers people, and building capabilities? Scalability: What critical skills drive future value creation, and how can we upskill our talent base accordingly? Several other ideas are discussed.

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