The New Potential: Should You Look for Shy-pos? | Marc Effron | ERE

Talent Management

Most organizations conduct some form of a talent review where they discuss employees and their “potential” for taking on more responsibility or advancing in the organization. And despite many organizations conducting talent reviews, various sources indicate that fewer than 50% of organizations believe that they accurately identify those employees with the greatest potential. One factor contributing to this issue is when an organization MISTAKENLY identifies an employee as having higher potential (this problem is called a false-positive). The other problem is when an employee who DOES have greater potential is NOT identified (this is called a false-negative). As it relates to the issue of “false-negatives, ” this article offers the notion of a “Shy-po” as one reason why organizations miss the mark in identifying employees who have greater potential. These Shy-pos have greater potential but are not detected for reasons such as being less vocal about career advancement or not being “showcased” to decision-makers. We can challenge our organizations to dig beneath the surface and identify and develop those “hidden gems.”


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