The Post-Pandemic Rules of Talent Management | Harvard Business Review

Talent Management

Although organizations have been discussing the benefits of an agile, hybrid, and fluid workforce for quite some time, the pandemic is the event that has thrust most firms into reimagining and transforming the way they work. This article highlights five salient trends (and opportunities) to consider as firms continue to think through the implications of the remote work landscape and what it means for recruiting, developing, and managing talent. Among two of the five trends that firms are beginning to realize and must plan for is 2) Building Culture Outside the Building: As organizations continue to ask the question, “How do you possibly build culture when you don’t sit together?” the authors submit that “culture doesn’t exist within walls; it exists within people, so you have to build culture through people, wherever they sit. 5) Talent Geographically Unleashed. While geographic location requirements have limited firms from having access to a truly global talent pool, employers increasingly realize that they can source “best of” talent from anywhere in the world as long as they have the technology to support it. Organizations should consider each of the five trends as they continue to reimagine and transform their talent management practices.

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