The Reimagined Workplace 2023: Striking a Delicate Balance | The Conference Board

Workforce Trends

As the remote work debate persists, organizations are redefining their expectations for on-site work. For instance, BlackRock has mandated employees to return to the office four days a week starting in September; Zoom is requiring those within 50 miles of a Zoom office to come in twice weekly; and AT&T has mandated 60,000 managers to work in person at one of nine locations. One catalyst for this shift is a growing concern regarding remote work’s impact on productivity. And with a recent Stanford study (still needs to be peer-reviewed) showing a 10% lower productivity in fully remote setups compared to in-person work, the concern about remote work could grow further. But as pointed out in this new report by The Conference Board, there are multiple competing objectives HR leaders must help their organizations consider in remote work decisions—weighing factors like retention, talent attraction, and employee wellbeing. Based on survey responses from 185 HR leaders, the report reveals that 71% of organizations mandating their on-site work policy reported difficulty retaining workers than those giving employees a choice about where to work. In response, 68% of organizations are considering or implementing strategies to increase on-site work, such as team-building events (62%), flexible hours (59%), relaxed dress codes (56%), and commuter benefits (35%). As organizations make remote work decisions, I am resharing my playlist of 5 resources on remote work to help leaders evaluate their decisions.