The Remote Workplace Needs Recognition Rituals Too | Gallup

Leadership & Culture

The attraction, identification, development, and engagement of talent have been hallmarks of effective talent strategies for quite some time. And although “recognition” is one of the staples of effective talent management, it can often be unintentionally sidelined, especially during crisis and disruption. Ironically, during these times of crisis, recognition may be needed the most–particularly by workers who have managed to deliver above and beyond expectations amidst challenging circumstances or have helped their colleagues and their teams work through these difficult times. This Gallup article suggests that remote employees often miss out on spontaneous recognition that “on-site” employees often receive. Consequently, many organizations will need to develop recognition strategies and tactics suitable for a remote environment. Since establishing a recognition-based culture starts at the top, organizations can help leaders and managers build capability in this area, even by offering simple suggestions such as “start the next team meeting by recognizing someone on the call who did exceptional work in the past week while working remotely. Or, “every Friday, think of three people who really helped you this week. Recognize them privately or publicly, based on your knowledge of what they prefer.” Simple tactics like these can have a profound impact.

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