The Rise of Global Digital Jobs | World Economic Forum

Workforce Trends

Many leaders continue to navigate decisions about hybrid, remote, and flexible work arrangements within their organizations. As these decisions are made, it’s crucial for organizations to approach them thoughtfully, considering various factors, such as the type of work that specific roles entail. With this in mind, I recently shared CIPD’s one-page decision chart aimed at aiding organizations in critically evaluating a role’s suitability for remote or hybrid work. As a supplement to that resource, this 22-page World Economic Forum report provides more ideas for leaders to consider. Page 8 begins a section to identify various work tasks (and affiliated jobs) that can be performed from anywhere with appropriate technological capability and connectivity. Table 1 provides examples of different work tasks with an explanation of whether they can be performed from anywhere and the technologies that enable this to happen. Subsequent pages include work task analysis examples of certain jobs (e.g., accountants and auditors)—where the potential for “remotability” is assigned for each task. Such task-based analysis can be aggregated to help organizations more objectively evaluate a role’s suitability for remote work.