The Role of CHROS in Winning Through Change and Disruption | The Conference Board

HR Effectiveness

This paper presents ideas on how Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) can guide their organizations and employees through extensive changes and disruptions in the business and work environment. The recommendations focus on three key areas: hybrid work, artificial intelligence (AI), and leadership development. In terms of aiding the organization in capitalizing on the benefits of AI, CHROs can take five potential actions: 1) Develop and implement AI literacy programs for the entire workforce, 2) Support the creation and fulfillment of new roles that bring AI expertise to the organization, 3) Model experimentation with AI through pilots and use cases in human capital management functions like recruiting, learning and development, and career planning, 4) Advocate for a governance policy to mitigate the risks of AI use across the organization, and 5) Implement reskilling strategies for job roles at high risk of being replaced by AI, thereby amplifying the opportunities AI creates. Regarding the advocacy for a governance policy that establishes guidelines for AI utilization within organizations, I am resharing another paper by The Conference Board, titled Generative AI: Questions CHROs Should Ask, which includes 35 questions that CHROs can help their organizations answer.