The Role of Succession Management in Uncertain Times | i4cp

Talent Management

Many HR organizations have had to reimagine and reprioritize their HR strategy, processes, and programs as a result of COVID-19. One such area is succession planning (SP). This article represents a summary of survey results on how organizations are/will modify their SP as a result of learnings from COVID-19. A few of the SP practices discussed are: 1) many organizations will have an increased focus on short-term/emergency SP needs and contingency planning. 2) many will expand SP to include more roles, 3) due to increase in remote work, firms will reassess the necessity of “location” as a criterion of SP, 4) switch to a talent pool SP approach, rather than succession that focuses on individuals for specific positions, a growing practice by high-performing organizations. 5) emphasis on diversity and inclusion, such as providing targeted development (e.g., sponsorship, coaching, mentoring, and/or training) of individuals in underrepresented groups. Other ideas are covered.

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