The Shadow Workforce: Insights Into the Gig Workforce in Businesses | ADP Research

Workforce Trends

Demand for skilled workers continues to create opportunities for the gig workforce-also referred to as the contingent workforce. The idea of “gig” work is not new to traditional businesses, but the practice has spread quickly over the last decade and shows no signs of slowing. As the gig workforce becomes a greater % of the total workforce, it is advantageous for organizations to gain a better understanding of this workforce segment and use these insights to develop aspects of their talent strategy. This report puts the spotlight on the gig workforce by challenging some widely held beliefs and offering insights (e.g. compensation, varied skill sets, and motivations) about this workforce segment. Did you know that more than 70% of 1099-MISC gig workers say they are working as independent contractors by their own choice, not because they can’t find a “regular” W2 job? Several insights in this report have talent management implications for businesses of all sizes.

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