The Skills of Tomorrow: How Critical Roles Are Evolving | Gartner Business Quarterly Q322

Talent Management

As organizations shift to more skills-based talent practices, it is important to understand which skills are emerging as increasingly important and which are declining as less critical. This Gartner paper looks at nearly eight million job listings to visualize how the skills required in the most competitive roles in critical functions in the S&P 100 are changing. The framework used for the report is based on five categorizations of skills: 1) New. Could become important; they are now starting to appear in postings, 2) Emerging. Found in a small percentage of job postings a few years ago but have increased enough to catch our attention, 3) Growing. On the way to becoming a core skill. Formerly optional but increasingly important to the talent profile, 4) Core. Essential for the job. Present in a high percentage of job postings and have been for a while5) Declining. It used to be more prevalent but now appears in a lower percentage of job postings. The paper includes a few visuals showing how the skills across various roles (e.g., leadership, IT, HR, Finance, etc.) are shifting along these five categories. The five-category framework can serve as one way to talk about how skills are shifting in organizations.