The Skills Your Employees Need to Work Effectively with AI | Harvard Business Review

Talent Development

This article underscores the importance of focusing on two categories of skills necessary for AI to complement human abilities rather than replace them: 1) Effective interpersonal skills encompassing communication, conflict resolution, and team cooperation, and 2) Domain expertise, which involves preserving and developing specialized knowledge. The authors present three key reasons why these two skill sets will be vital for organizations seeking to integrate AI into their operations and achieve business success. 1) The output of AI is replicable (can be copied)2) AI relies on historical data that may not apply in a rapidly changing global business environment. 3) AI is vulnerable to “hallucination” and “drift,” resulting in either fabricated or inaccurate output. Consequently, organizations will need individuals with the ability to interpret AI findings, place them in the organization’s unique context, and communicate information that aligns with the business context and priorities. As a bonus, here is another new HBR article, “It’s Time for Boards to Take AI Seriously,” which underscores the responsibility of boards of directors to understand AI and its implications for their companies and shareholders.