The Top HR Trends and Priorities For 2023 | Gartner

HR Effectiveness

This Gartner resource provides ideas for Chief Human Resources Officers and their teams to consider as they plan and refine their 2023 priorities. The reference includes the top five HR priorities and challenges based on a survey of over 800 HR leaders across 60 countries and all major industries. The broad categories for these priorities are 1) Leader and Manager Effectiveness, 2) Organizational Design and Change Management, 3) Employee Experience, 4) Recruiting, and 5) Future of Work. For each priority, insights are provided on what is driving the priority, why action is imperative, and recommended next steps. For example, concerning the Future of Work priority, it’s noted how assumptions around which workforce planning (WFP) has operated no longer hold in today’s environment. One recommendation is that, rather than assuming organizations can predict the future skills needed, they can start by trying to anticipate near-term shifts in critical work itself by evaluating tasks and workflows. Page 18 provides other examples of the required shifts in WFP. As HR leaders continue to plan and refine their 2023 priorities, I am also including this bonus Strategic Planning Guide from Gartner that contains a one-page template (pages 5-6) for capturing aspects of an HR strategy. HR leaders can use both resources to guide their thinking on 2023 priorities.