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Workforce Trends

The relationship between workers and employers continues to undergo fundamental change. This in-depth report (48-min read) describes four scenarios for how the worker-employer relationship could evolve. And while there is too much information to summarize from this report, the four relationships are: 1) Work as fashion (REACTIVE). Employers feel compelled to respond at the moment to workers’ expressed preferences and competitor moves without connecting those actions to a sustainable workforce strategy. 2) War between talent relationship (IMPERSONAL). Workers compete for limited jobs because of an oversupply of talent and are viewed as interchangeable. Workers are more concerned with competing for jobs than the quality of their employer relationship 3) Work is work (PROFESSIONAL). Workers and employers depend on the other to fulfill work-related needs, but both expect workers to find meaning and purpose largely outside of work. 4) Purpose unleashed (COMMUNAL)Both workers and employers see shared purpose as the foundation of their relationship, viewing it as the most important tie that binds them together. In case you missed it, this report by IBM Institute for Business Value, provides insights into what employees expect in 2021 and beyond from employers.

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